Arturia CS-80 V 2

A CS-80 V 2 bank with 8 presets.

Focusing on the CS-80's special strengths in the area of "synthetic orchestral replacements", the idea is that this bank will continue to grow over time.

In this small first edition, the highlight is the unmissable "chello", a very expressive string sound with lots of different uses.

Kontakt 4.1

Raw wav file sample pack:

All the 32 sounds from the 4 drumkits available for the vintage Cheetah SpecDrum drum sampler.

The Cheetah SpecDrum was a poor man's Linn alternative - an 8-bit, 3-channel sample player that bolted onto the back of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer. Both sequencer program and drum samples had to fit in 48KB's of RAM, so no wonder long cymbal crashes are in short supply! Despite that, the sounds are surprisingly good.

This set was captured using the Spectaculator 7 Spectrum emulator which includes an emulation of the Cheetah SpecDrum hardware.