VST Instruments

These are VST plugin softsynths for use with compatible DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). They are made in SynthEdit and are 32-bit only, which means that to run them in a modern 64-bit DAW, you need to "bridge" them. In many DAWs, like REAPER (recommended!), this is automatically taken care of by a built-in bridge. In other cases, you may need a 3rd-party solution like JBridge.

Hahaha CS01 & CS01II

My first - and probably only - attempt at a hardware synth emulation.

The reasons for this one is purely nostalgic - I used to own one of these back in the 80's. The hardware version was manufactured by a Big Japanese Company, and it was quite popular as an entry-level, ultra-portable and above all cheap synthesizer. If there is one piece of old gear I truly miss now and then, this is it. Not for its sound, but just because it was so darn cute (in an 80s sort of way)! Well, here it is again - in VSTi format. Hardware synth buffs and those who were there at the time, enjoy!

Hahaha CS33

The "son of Hahaha CS01"

Whereas the CS01 is barely more than a synth-historical artefact, the CS33 builds on the concept and is quite a capable little synth even by today's standard. While it can do all sorts of "bread and butter" sounds, its signature sounds come from the PWM oscillator waveforms, twin linked filter modes and the built-in distortion effects.


The DS01 unfortunately suffers from the SynthEdit 1.0x multicore bug: Many multi-core systems will become glitchy, unstable or even crash if more than one instance of the same plug-in is used in a project. Only one instance works fine!

Hahaha DS01

This is a very "retro" drum synthesizer with lots of character and opportunities for tweaking. If it had ever existed in reality, it would have been released in 1983. ;)