SoliLuxe: Neat Things You May Have Missed

There are loads of things you can customize in the settings to get the most out of SoliLuxe. All of this is explained in the extensive in-game manual, but here are a few pointers just to get you started. These are the tricks I use most frequently myself!

1. Switch the mouse button functions around.
Both the Help ("?") and New menu buttons have different functions depending on whether you click them with the right or the left mouse button.

If you seldom use the help text overlay but frequently use the hint function, you can swap the buttons around for the Help button so that "hint" becomes the left-click and vice versa.

Likewise, if you almost always use "New" to start a new random deal, swap the mouse buttons around on the New button: By left-clicking, you now bypass the dialog box for different deal types (saving a click of the mouse each time).

2. ESCape the animations
In some games, the animations of each card dealt to the table can get a bit long-winded, especially after the umpttenth time you've sat trough it.  Here's a quick fix: When the deal starts, simply press the ESC key. Hey presto, all cards are instantly placed on the table!

3. Where's the game?
Many many solitaires have many many names -- and to add to the confusion, many many solitaires also have the same name. So it's very likely the game you are looking for does  not appear in the SoliLuxe game list. Disappointment and derision ensues!

Here comes the filter function to the rescue: Simply enter the game name in the filter's search text box and press Enter. The game list now shows all games with this name either in the title or in the game description. Since we always try to list alternate game names in the descriptions, chances are you will find what you're looking for!