New Site, New Stuff: SoliLuxe 2.91

After 2.5 years, a new SoliLuxe version is finally here. There really wasn't much wrong with the old one, but one change in technology warranted some re-coding: "4K"/"UHD"/"Retina" screens (call'em what you like!). In other words, much tinier pixels make up the screen, and there's a heck of a lot more of'em.

The main SoliLuxe screen needed no work at all. Thanks to Sprawl (my own Java 2D games engine) everything just scaled up automatically and apart from lower framerates because of the increased graphics load, the graphics just got automatically better: On a 4K screen even the tiniest cards on the biggest layouts are hardly scaled down at all, so no details in the graphics are lost. (The larger cards are scaled up but it's not that noticeable.) Also, I added a new window size somewhere between 4K and standard HD resolution.

The Options window and on-screen manual were another matter: They use the Java built-in Swing interface, which has no support for automatically scaling text and widgets according to screen size. So a lot of manual tweaking had to be done in order to make these parts presentable on both ordinary and 4K screens. (Yes, I bought a 4K screen myself and simply wanted SoliLuxe to look nice, so this is really an update brought about by pure selfishness!)

Plus... staying true to form, there's an additional 25 games added. So that's 525 in all now.

PS: The background music in this edition is a track from the "Traces" album, available in the Music Release section of this site.