2 Oct 2019: Better Mahjong, and finally proper fixes to Windows hires screens!

Hi friends,

SoliLuxe is back with a new version containing some worthwhile enhancements and fixes!

First off, after some years of turmoil with Oracle getting rid of all its stakes in the open software part of the Java community: SoliLuxe is now updated with a fairly recent (JRE11) version of the Open Java runtime for Windows, fixing some problems with high resolution (UHD/High DPI/"Retina") displays that persisted in Orcale's final version of the "free-to-distribute" Java runtime (JRE8). This allowed us to simplify and enhance the SoliLuxe start procedure so you can switch between "low resolution/high perfomenance" and "high resolution/worse performance" versions without any hassle , using separate program shortcuts in the Windows version.

Secondly, we have implemented a LONG OVERDUE overhaul of the Mahong part of SoliLuxe: The mahjong tiles in the included sets look much better now, and the Patience Definition Language has been overhauled, so constructing you own Mahjong layout is a breeze compared to the way things used to be! For more info, read page 30 of the Patience Definition Guide in the "Manuals" folder.

Hope you enjoy the new features, and see you down the road!