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NOTE: To play Future Pinball games, you will need a copy of the amazing FUTURE PINBALL, version 1.8 or higher. Go to Future Pinball and look in the downloads section for the Future Pinball installation files.

OXO for Future Pinball

OXO screenshot

OXO cabinet screenshot

Download latest version

Current version is 2.00, released 08-03-30.

Download from IRpinball.


  • Remake of the William's 1973 classic table.
  • Backlit Tic-tac-toe board embedded in playfield.
  • User menu with lots of settings and a choice of three original musical themes.
  • Operator menu with yet more settings and game statistics.


  • Make three in a row to enable Extra Ball.
  • Fill the board to enable the Special.

Tips & Tricks

  • The last ball for each player is essential, since it triples the bonus value for each lit square on the board!

Known Bugs and To-Do Thingies

  • None.

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