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Spy Revealed!


In their quest for new territory, cats have become increasingly devious. This one was caught by Harry staring into the bedroom, refusing to budge an inch even when barked at in the most threatening manner.

Speculations abound that this is no ordinary stray looking for a place to sleep, but that it in fact acts as a spy for the RSPCA, out scouting for prospective cat relocation, er, locations. You can clearly see from these pictures that this is a Cat With A Mission.

But this pussy has to look elsewhere for places to infiltrate with his feline friends. As long as Harry's on watch, this will continue to be a dog-majority neighbourhood.

"Not that I have anything against cats", Harry assures. "You can se how well behaved I am when we meet them in the streets. But having one of them camp out on the windowsill is just too much! You see, that's the difference between us and them. No manners. No manners at all!"

("What's that? Yes, I meant the cats! Of course I was talking about the cats!")


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Published 2003-02-05