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Terrier Trains Rottweiler


If Harry had suspected what would become of his childhood friend, Astrid, he would perhaps have thought twice about teaching her all the tricks in the terrier book...

"I am very surprised", Harry says. "And more than a little regretful, I'll admit. But I had no idea she was going to grow like that!"

"I mean, in the beginning we were all almost the same size - Hampus, Astrid and I. (As you see in this picture.) And since she was the only girl, we thought it would be good for her to learn some self-defense."

"So, with the aid of Hampus, I started to train her to fight like a terrier. I was more successful than I had expected.

It didn't take long before other Rottweiler owners said the same thing when they saw her play: 'How odd - she fights like a terrier!' they exclaimed."


But as the weeks flew by, keeping up with my apprentice grew more and more difficult. That 'up' as in 'height', mainly.

There comes a time when you have to admit you have outgrown each other. It hurts to part, but continuing the game sometimes hurts even more. If only because of an accidentally misplaced, giant paw."

"So I sent her out into the world with my blessings, urging her to pick on someone her own size instead. (But we still meet occasionally for a quiet sniffle. She knows she wouldn't be the dog she is today without me.)"


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Published 2003-02-05