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Compact Living


Friends have to look out for each other. So when best friend Hampus needed a place to crash for a couple of nights, Harry graciously took him in.

"He's such a nice guy", Harry says, "even though he's not purebred."

"To tell the truth, being part Dachshund, part Shih Tzu makes him very comfortable to be around, and I mean that in the furniture sense. You get an oblong, extremely soft cushion that not only looks good but is nice to rest your head on."

But even so, this arrangement didn't work as expected. We still can't figure out what happened: I mean, I usually sleep in a basket. He usually sleeps in a basket. And here, we tried to sleep in a basket. A basket, a basket, and a basket. No difference, right? And still, things were suddenly twice as cramped? Makes no sense. Good thing there was a lot of floor space to spread out on once all the air in the basket was gone. He's welcome back, but he needs to bring along a bigger basket next time.


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Published 2003-02-05