4 Oct. 2018: Latest SoliLuxe update, plus ways to view SoliLuxe in Windows 10

Hi there!

The Modern Gallery

We have just released what is a really minor update to SoliLuxe. 

It might SEEM quite radical to some because of the updates made to the set of default table and menu graphics. The new default theme is "NewGrey", and for those who update, please try out all the "New..." background themes for a more contemporary look.

Also, a lot of the old backdrops have been removed from the installer, simply because a large "in-the-box" selection is not really necessary now that all user can use the BackdropMaker to make their own!

Ayway, for a complete list of changes click the "Info" button and then go to the changelog!

R U 4K?

A few updates ago, Windows 10 introduced some options to enhance the way old programs can be viewed on modern, high-density screens (UHD/4K or what have you).

Application is what happens per default: Windows does not do any scaling. SoliLuxe upscales the game screen, but not the Options window, creativity tools, or i-game manual. This produces much better quality upscaled graphics, but at a significantly lower framerate.

System: Windows performs a quick upscaling of EVERYTHING, which means scaled graphics don't look as nice, but the original framerate is more or less maintained.